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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Shenanigans! (Double-Shot, Part One)

I didn't update last night, so prepare yourself for a double-barrelled blast from my shotgun of chuckles. ISB Is Go!

So my main man Rob Lindsey directed me to the blog of his main man, Mike Doughty, who recently played a benefit concert alongside Death Cab For Cutie and surprisingly-not-British novelist Lemony Snicket.

Now any time you get the guy who writes A Series of Unfortunate Events playing accordian on a cover of Hungry Like the Wolf, that's a momentous occasion. But that's not why Rob called my attention to it.

No, I was more interested in another of the show's performers, my own true love herself, Sarah Vowell. According to Doughty, she did her piece on the history of the Battle Hymn of the Republic, which is one of my favorites. Also, she is just adorable:

See?  Adorable.(Picture reposted here without anything resembling permission)

Naturally, in addition to being what sounds like a slam-bang show, this is proof that we do not live in a perfect world. If we did, the picture would look more like this:

I laughed so hard when I finished making this...

Be grateful that I didn't throw "You're the man now, dog!" in there. Bad enough I've finally crossed the line into "disturbing" territory by photoshopping myself into a picture of her, I don't need four year-old meme jokes dragging me down any further. Anyway.

I am, of course, measuring the perfection of the world in accordance with my own personal standards. I imagine that my perfect world would actually be extremely uncomfortable for Vowell herself. Oh well. Them's the breaks!


Blogger Mon-El said...

You photoshopped...

Don't you ever...and I mean EVER...say ANYTHING about my obsession for Kylie Minogue again.


9/07/2005 11:33 PM

Blogger Julie said...

LOVELY picture. lmao.

9/08/2005 7:56 AM

Blogger Phil Looney said...

You're the man now, dog.

9/08/2005 8:16 AM


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