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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Snap Your Fingers

I came to the depressing realization tonight that even if I make it as a successful writer, I will most likely never get to throw fake blood at my audience and then scream "NOW I WANNA BE YOUR DOG!" into a microphone. But that was pretty much balanced out by the hard rockin' I did tonight down at the Art Bar.

These guys rock.The fake blood was a product of the Spooges, a local Iggy and the Stooges tribute that I've seen before, and the intense rocking I got was courtesy of The Woggles, who are unquestionably the single greatest rock band to perform in electric blue chef coats.

Also appearing was Hockey Night, a band out of Minnesota that was described by the Free Times as "current darlings of WUSC." I wouldn't know, since I spent their entire set talking about how awesome Guardian #4 was and speculating on the true identity of Mockingbird. Still, what I heard over my rampant geekiness was pretty good.

Before the Woggles actually got started playing, I picked up a t-shirt and three of their CDs, since I've been waiting since the last time I saw them to get some merch, and I ended up having a conversation with the Professor of Rock 'n' Roll for a few minutes. He was a good guy, which was cool, because I've been trying to imitate this dance move that he does for about nine months now, and if he hadn't been so darn nice, I would've felt silly. They're great, and if you get a chance, go see them.

Longtime ISB readers might remember that I have a certain knack for invariably ending up out at the bar in a t-shirt that features Batman's smiling mug (and I don't even want to talk about the FCBD shirt incident), but tonight I managed to dodge that fate. It was thanks largely to a plain black shirt that I've taken a liking to ($6.49 at your local Wal-Mart, if you're into patronizing evil corporate megastores), but what made it even sweeter was that one of the guys I knew at the bar was sporting Frankenstein's Monster in livid green on black.

It was exactly what I needed after a long eleven-hour day of actively avoiding doing any real work while learning to lose at HeroClix.


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