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Saturday, October 29, 2005

All Star Comic Shop Moving

My friends, it is the end of an era.

Today was the last day for shopping at the old Wizards and Villains location, a fact that didn't stop one of our customers from taking our move as a personal insult. I've mentioned before that I've been getting a lot of customers lately who appear to want comics despite being illiterate, but the guy we had tonight... Man-oh-man. He was in rare form.

He was the last in the month-long string of customers who are unable to believe that a business could move a half-mile away to a better location, and it's a good thing, because after him, I would've stabbed the next one in the face.

Dude busts into the shop, walking with purpose, charging up to the counter with a mixture of shock and betrayal in his dinner-plate sized eyes. Then we have--and I swear this is true--the following conversation, where his voice grew higher and more manic with every sentence:


"... Did you see the signs that said 'Moving Sale,' sir?"


"Well we're having a sale. Because we're moving."

"Where to?!"

"Right down the street on the left, sir. We've got our sign on the new building."

"Well where are the Transformers?!"

"They've all been moved to the new store."

"Is it open?!"

"... No, sir. If it were open, we wouldn't be here."

"I'm utterly shocked!"

One hundred percent actual conversation. Now that guy's a drama mama. But like I said, the next time I'm behind a counter at the Wiz, the move will be over, and that'll be the end of that little adventure in customer interaction.

But for now, I've got to be at work at 9 tomorrow to actually move everything, and the new Grand Theft Auto isn't going to play itself. Besides, that's pretty much the only interesting thing that happened today.

Oh, except that I got linked by Warren Ellis on a messageboard thread about NextWave, which is the type of event that the word "radical" was invented to describe. Just so you know, this is how I feel right now:

Yes, friends, I have no shame.
And that's the truth.