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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Three Things

1. Hey, Dwayne McDuffie himself posted a response to yesterday's review of his Prince comics. I've got to say, that's pretty exciting. But what's more exciting is that apparently he had no idea that Three Chains of Gold had been made into a movie, which means only one thing:

I have got to see this movie.

Unfortunately, I think he got the last copy from Amazon, because the closest I can get is a VHS copy of Prince and the Revolution in concert. You win this round, McDuffie... You win... this round.

2. The Invincible Dungeon-Crawl careened into Week 3, but there's not a whole lot to report. I will say this, though: There were dragons, one of which landed near me. And yes, it did indeed use its breath weapon.

It had not, apparently, taken into consideration the fact that my god is a god of vengeance, and that I had taken the precaution of growing to twelve feet tall and was therefore uniquely suited to smacking the bejeezus out of it with my Talking Stick of Wrath.

3. Today I had a customer who droned on like a Greatest Hits album of the stupid questions I've been asked lately. I hesitate to make fun of him, because I think he may have bigger problems than I'm aware, for reasons that will soon become apparent. I will therefore report only the conversation itself, leaving out my usual bitter and hateful commentary.

"Those action figures that have a red tag... Are they 50% off?"

"Yes, sir." Keep in mind that there are at least three signs I can see from where I'm standing that say: "All Red Tag Merchandise: 50% Off!"

"So if there was something that cost, like, $2.95... it'd be half of that?"

"... Yes."

"That's a pretty good deal, right?"

"On some of it, yeah."

And three, two, one: "So are you guys moving the entire store to a new location?"

Believe it or not, I have still managed to not stab anyone.


Blogger The Shelleys said...

At this point, I'm thinking it would be less work to stab everyone than to move.

10/18/2005 9:22 AM

Blogger Mon-El said...

"he had no idea that Three Chains of Gold had been made into a movie, which means only one thing:

I have got to see this movie."

You mean the one I have sitting over there waiting to be transferred to DVD?


10/18/2005 10:43 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can buy one on eBay RIGHT NOW for $3.00.

3 Chains o'Gold

I'm a bit disappointed it wasn't called "3 Chains o'Gold 4 U" or something, though.

10/18/2005 10:55 AM

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