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Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Let's fill some column-inches with your SAT practice analogy for today:

Wizards and Villains is to:

Rising from the ashes with untold powers!
... as Chris is to:

Beaten down and barely frigg'n alive.

In other news, Tug called me into his all-new all-different office today to read a spam email that he got today. It's a curious mixture of poetry and obscenity that I'm pretty sure is some kind of masterwork for the next great literary mind of the 21st Century.

Also, it will permanently screw up my Google hits. And that's why I share it with you now:

From: Lionel Fields
Subject: Sexy blonde ever teen toying her pussy with a banana

Moonlight is sculpture.
Allow me :) Please :)

Sweet young gals from in petting and oral sex with old men at home.

Votes should be weighed not counted.

Adorable redhead babe with pert boobies getting naked and teen other curly princess having sex with an older man on a bed .

Knowledge of what is possible is the beginning of happiness.

Really fresh job and interesting stats site

The state calls its own violence law, but that of the individual crime.Wine is a mocker, and strong drink is raging and who is deceived by it is not wise.

Either the internet sex industry has been taken over by the Brotherhood of Dada, or the guy responsible for writing fortune cookies has Tourette's. Either way, it's a beautiful piece of writing.

I'm thinking of having it tattooed on my back.


Blogger Mark W. Hale said...

"Teen Other Curly Princess" is the worst manga I've ever read.

11/01/2005 11:47 PM


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