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Saturday, January 07, 2006

The ISB Guide To Writing: Silver Age Horror Comics

Like a lot of comics bloggers out there, I have serious aspirations to one day become a professional comics writer myself. That's why when I read a comic or go through the back issue stock at work, I don't just do it for the enjoyment, I study them to see how the pros work their craft.

And recently, I've stumbled onto one of the secrets of the trade. I know how to write Silver Age DC Horror Comics.

It's a lesson in writing that I'm going to pass on to you, on the off chance that you ever find yourself in a situation where you've built a time machine, gone back forty years, and replaced Robert Kanigher.

How do you write Silver Age DC Horror books? Easy. Put skeletons in a place where there aren't supposed to be skeletons. It can turn any situation from mundane... to horrifiscarifying.

Deceptively simple, I know, but take a look for yourself:

Unexpected #154"Good Lord! >choke< Bruce is really... a skeleton!"

House of Mystery #233"Cheese Louise! The stripper we got for Charlie's birthday is really... a skeleton!"

House of Mystery #247"Ginchy! Frankie Avalon's actually... a far-out hot-dogging skeleton!"

House of Secrets #114"Oh no! Gordie Howe and the 1979 Hartford Whalers are actuallly... Stanley Cup-winning skeletons!"

And my personal favorite...

House of Mystery #232"¡Dios Mio! ¡Ese caballero es realmente... un esqueleto!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay, that last one with the skeleton wearing a mask-- that's a little creepy. What's the Silver Age obsession with skeletons all about, though? what about Wolfman? Giant spiders? clowns?

1/08/2006 11:26 AM

Blogger Ragnell said...

With this knowledge, nothing can stop me from taking over the Vertigo Universe!

1/08/2006 7:28 PM

Blogger Randall said...

"Cheese Louise! The stripper we got for Charlie's birthday is really... a skeleton!"

"I told you: first you cook the cake, then you put the stripper in it!"

2/20/2007 9:11 PM

Anonymous Cosmo said...

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