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Sunday, January 09, 2005


It occurs to me that on my days off, I don't do a damn thing. Take today for instance. I woke up quick, at about noon, rolled out of bed, didn't shower, didn't shave. It's pretty ridiculous.

Woke up with a sore throat today, anyway. It's been feeling pretty rough since New Year's and my first shot of
Jack Daniels, but spending all that time in a smoke filled bar last night really aggravated it. Speaking of, I forgot to mention it last night, but Hot Lava Monster played in a room that had a giant spider made of tinfoil attatched to the ceiling. It was very cool, and when I say "giant," I mean the body of this thing was like six feet long, and the legs were huge. And also made of shiny tinfoil. Matt didn't notice it.

Mom and I watched the first couple episodes of
Monk today. I got her season 1 for Christmas, and it's awesome. To read this thing, it's pretty obvious that I'm a fan of the private eye genre, and I can give Tony Shalhoub a righteous thumbs-up for his performance. It's great, and I encourage you to watch it. But more on good TV later.

First, some quick post responses. First, Jim, I think you're a little confused. I don't know if you saw my response to your post, but I think you're thinking of Brian Michael Bendis, writer of Avengers, Ultimate Spider-Man, Powers, and a bunch of other books that used to be good, with my man Warren E. Second, I found out who that J. Kern fellow who posted a
hilarious response to my erotic fan-fiction bit was. Turns out he's an old friend under a new name. Do yourself a favor and check out his Dollar Movie Reviews over on InsidePulse.

So after I got to the bottom of THAT mystery, it was time for the greatest block of TV ever created: The
Desperate Housewives/Boston Legal Double-Shot. If Fox hadn't been showing the season premier of 24, we could've added Arrested Development at 8:30 and gotten the Trifecta. If you're not watching Desperate Housewives, man... What are you doing with your life? It's awesome. It's got the hottest woman on television on it, for cryin' out loud! And what's more, it made Teri Hatcher hot again! I'm not going to lie, in that post-Lois phase where she was doing Radio Shack commercials, she was pretty rough. But now she's back, dating Mike the Plumber, and WHO KNOWS what he's into! He's got a gun and a stack of cash hidden away in his house! And now he's being framed for Martha Huber's murder, and--

Sorry. Just... Just watch it, okay? It's really good.

Boston Legal has
the Shatner. And the Spader. Nothing more need be said.

These two shows have given rise to Scott and I rapid-firing emails to each other while they're on in a little thing we like to call Sunday Night ABC Club. And brother, it's a good club to be in.

Also, I was thinking about future updates, and I was considering doing a Worst Comics of 2004 bottom-ten list. But then I figured that my chances of getting work at DC and Marvel are already fragile enough as it is... Any thoughts?


Blogger Jim Shelley said...

**Also, I was thinking about future updates, and I was considering doing a Worst Comics of 2004 bottom-ten list. **

Yeah, that would be awesome. (Even if you put Superman/Batman on there, I would still like to see it.)

You're dead on with Monk. That show is great. It reminds me of the awesome detective shows that used to come on in the 70's (Quincy, Banacek, Columbo) Great stuff! I've been reading a lot about Desperate Housewives and thought I might catch it on DVD. Are you watching *Lost?* It's great. Written by comic writer Paul Dini, it's like Land of the Lost for Adults (uh, but not in a slash Fan Fic way...)

Yeah - I know that parody I made was 90% Bendis Bashing, but on like page 4 or 5 their is some Ellis commentary about a comment he made about how he popularized Decompressed storytelling in American comics. Started with the last arc of Transmetropolitan and got worse from there. His Ultimate FF has been laughable. He's off that book with the conclusion of this most recent Negative Zone arc (y'know - the one with 4 pages of pictures of a building in the desert and no fricking words?)

Guess he can now write about dolphins jumping in the ocean in his Apparat books. :P

1/10/2005 7:10 AM

Blogger Mon-El said...

Sims! Crazy kid...do the worst comics of 2004 list...Tug made a comment to me this weekend about my new cool Supergirl Tshirt (cover to Superman/Batman #13)something along the lines of "You're walkin' around with the worst comic of 2004 on your chest." and I thought to myself "Pretentious bastard.", but also I wondered why none of the guys at Heroes seems to like anything "mainstream", with certain exceptions, and why those particular exceptions. So I'd be interested in a list from such a comic book expert like yourself. And yeah, I'm sucking up for a discount. ;)

1/10/2005 1:30 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

El Diablo Mysterioso will pause a moment. But he may strike again at anytime. Beware.

4/06/2006 1:16 AM


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