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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Sinistar: The Movie

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Here's the story behind this one. You may or may not be familiar with Sinistar, the smash hit arcade game of 1983. When I was a kid, I loved this game, and the best part about it was that it would talk. Sinistar (a demonic floating metal head in space) would taunt the player with phrases like "RUN, COWARD!" and "I STILL HUNGER!" As a kid, I thought that was, to borrow a phrase, legitimately terrifying.

I mentioned this to Melanie a year or so ago, and she told me that she'd never even heard of Sinistar. So I explained, in detail, how cool and awe-inspiring those voice clips were, and even went so far as to do my own gravelly impressions of them. To prove how awesome it was, I eventually found some sound files.

Here, take a listen.

See? That's awesome! Anyway, when Melanie heard it, she burst into fits of laughter and called me a pussy. It was, at this point, on.

The Sinistar debate became a bone of contention in our relationship, and at one point I even claimed that not only was Sinistar majestic and frightening, but he was so cool that they should make a movie about him. Now, intellectually, I realize that a feature-length movie about a tiny ship that shoots dots at a floating metal spacehead would be a phenomenally bad idea, but--like some of the cats I work with--I wasn't going to let being blatantly wrong about something stop me from arguing.

Ergo, the Sinistar Movie Poster, the result of over forty seconds of intensive Photoshop work.

For more on Sinistar, check out the definitive fan-site, or your local library.


Blogger autryman said...

1985? - 7th grade - sinistar - one of two arcade games that were in the local convenient store near my home at that time - my buddy and i got hooked on it one day - we made several trips back and forth between the store and our homes, trying to find change to continue playing this game - i have no idea why i remember that

4/14/2005 4:11 AM


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