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Friday, May 06, 2005

In Case You Were Wondering

The picture I mentioned can be seen here.

Backstory: I recently signed up for the D&D Message Boards (under the name "Mister Six," which I really expected to be taken) because Tug and Ben were both on there, and I crave the affection of my peer group. Anyway, one of the threads that caught my eye was this guy's insane ranting about a magic item from the Forgotten Realms that he didn't want to use in his Eberron campaign.

To make a long story that you probably wouldn't understand unless you're intimately familiar with the 20-sided die short, the guy was upset because for a relatively low price, you can pretty much eliminate the dangers of starvation, which were apparently very important in how he plays his game.

"Well," said another guy, "If you put so much emphasis on starving to death, doesn't that run counter to the heroic fantasy aspect of the game?"

That's a point I agree on. Nobody wants to hear the story of the Knight who dies of hunger on his way to fight the dragon. He'd be the worst hero ever, except Ultimate Spider-Man.

Dude responds like this: "Were not Bilbo's troops saddled with thirst when they almost fell to the spiders? Wasn't food and drink a central concern of Frodo's journey?"

So that's when I decided that fruit pies were in order. Becaue really, once you begin a sentence with "Were not Bilbo's troops saddled," you deserve whatever mockery you get.


Blogger BRADLEYMAN said...

I know you did this a while a go but I am one of the twelve people who think that fruit pie add was funny. I laughed out loud then my room mate asked me what was so funny. She isn't one of the twelve...Sigh....

12/06/2007 11:45 PM


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