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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I Had Sinatra on Line One, and Baby, He Wasn't Croonin'

I called in to work today, which allowed me to have two remarkable insights:

1. This might be the weirdest thing I've ever seen. Be sure to click on the picture to see the video, it's well worth it. And yes. Hadouken is involved.

2.Comedy Central will let you down in a heartbeat.

In the past twenty-four hours, I've not only caught flashes of the stomach-churning Blue Collar TV before I grabbed the remote, but I saw crap I didn't even know they were still showing. I mean, there was an episode of Drawn Together on last night, and I was pretty sure that by now someone would've taken those tapes on the perilous journey to Mount Doom to destroy them in the fires that created them. But apparently not.

This afternoon I caught a few minutes of the short-lived parody Straight Plan for the Gay Man, which is funny for slightly less than a few minutes at a time, and, to my surprise, Kid Notorious.

In the likely event that you don't remember it, Kid Notorious was the animated sitcom based around noted Hollywood sociopath and former cokefiend Robert Evans and how hilarious he'd be as an animated hollywood sociopath and cokefiend. Shockingly enough, it was godawful, and quickly yanked from the After-South Park timeslot that Comedy Central will throw absolutely anything into in the hopes that it'll get big enough ratings so they can afford to re-up their broadcast rights on C. Thomas Howell's classic "Soul Man."

I mean really, Comedy Central. What's next, more Frank Leaves for the Orient? I'm trying to fight off a disease here and you're not helping.

In fact, I blame this shoddy programming for driving me so temporarily insane that I almost burned my house down. See, there was a fishbowl full of matchbooks sitting on the coffee table right next to a box of kleenex, and when I looked up and saw this bastard, I just had to burn something.

And those Kleenex burn fast.


Blogger autryman said...

Where do you find this weird shit. Did you catch the part where he seemed to give her a Dragon Ball Z blast from the palms of his hands? Ha!

I'm very tired of Larry the...and his catch phrase... I can't even make myself type it.

6/08/2005 4:09 AM

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