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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Mesmerized By Zoetropes

No real update tonight. I've spent the last three hours lettering the Kirby Project, and let me tell you: lettering ain't no fun. Still, I'm getting better at it, and I went back and redid the first page so it looks halfway decent now.

I made a pretty big jump with the work I've done tonight, all the way to Page Six. That means that my part is 75% done, and I should be able to finish with the lettering by tomorrow night, and get the finished pages back to Phil by Wednesday. That'll only leave the cover art and layout, back cover design, and inside front and back to knock out before it's press time.

Chad brought the nearly completed cover art to the shop today. I'd have a scan to post, but I think Phil forgot to grab 'em on his way home. If you're local and want to see it (and here I'm referring only to Mike Autry), I hung a big copy of it up at work. Check it out!

Anyway, since there's no funny to be found here, why don't you go check out the new project over at the Digital Animation and Visual Effects School? It's a short film created by the students using computer models based off of the DC Minimates! It's called Batman: New Times and features Adam West as Batman, Mark Hamill as the Joker, Courtney Thorne-Smith as Catwoman, and Dick Van Dyke as Comissioner Gordon!

Seriously, it's awesome. And by awesome, I mean totally sweet.


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