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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Five Reasons To Buy The Goon

Eric Powell's The Goon may be the single best comic book coming out right now. It's certainly the best bi-monthly comic, but considering that the only other ones I can think of are the bottomlessly awful Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose and the great-but-cancelled Plastic Man, that's not saying a lot.

Still, much to my surprise, there are people out there who aren't reading it. So I'm thinking maybe they just haven't been given a good reason. So, as a public service--and because I did nothing today but sleep until 6:30 PM--I'm happy to offer some up.

5. This One Time, He Fought Hellboy
Who the hell did you think he is?Clobbered him with a wrench, too.

4. He Doesn't Take No Crap From Midget Gangsters
Not even the ones with bowling balls stuck on their hands.

3. He's All Man

2. There's a Positive Message For the Kids
Yes, by following his example, you too can be a Junior Goon. Or as they like to refer to themselves...

1. Franky


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