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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Bobby Two-Trees: Private Eye!

The biggest tonight as far as I'm concerned is that the lettering and layout for KIRBY #1 is done. So I present for you the cover, featuring art by my main man Bruce Goose:

(Click to King-Size it!) Posted by Hello

Phil's got a little work to do with it over the next couple of days, but it'll be in stores (well, store) next Wednesday for your purchasing enjoyment. I'm happy to announce that the Goose has signed on to be the regular cover artist, and I'm already plotting out #2, including a special surprise in the way of backup stories! Look for it... sometime... in the future.

Meanwhile, from the Customer Quotes file, this cat walks in today and starts asking me about this movie, Manitou. Now I don't know if he thought Tony Curits was a hot comics property or what, but he wants to know if "they ever did anything with that." I also don't know why he rolled into the local comic shop to ask about a forgotten horror flick that came out four years before I was born, but yesterday I was asked for harmonicas, and by comparison he seems stone cold logical.

Apparently not, sir, because before today, I've never heard of it. So he goes on and tells me that it's about Tony Curtis, who plays (and I quote), "an Indian shamus."

Now at first I thought he might've meant shaman, but the more I thought about it, the more I think an Indian shamus would be cooler. Billy Jack meets Philiip Marlowe. Wyatt Wingfoot meets Slam Bradley. It'd be print gold.

I'm goin' to frigg'n bed.

(PS: I'm considering changing the addresss of the Invincible Super-Blog. Anybody think that'll be a problem? I've got, what, ten readers, and I talk to most of you daily, so it shouldn't make much difference, but let me know what you think.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will people be able to mail order New Adventures of Jack Kirby? I am intrested in reading it and live in PA. Thanks

3/17/2005 10:51 AM

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