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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Murphy's Law

Okay, I'm going to say something that's going to sound a little crazy, but I want you to bear with me.

RoboCop vs. the Terminator is awesome.

Click to Robo-Size it!

Yeah, I know, I had my doubts too when I heard Chad and Tug discussing this one. Longtime readers will remember that I have a sort of checkered past where RoboCop is concerned, but I've recently had to admit a soft spot for the guy, now that I'm not being told at every turn how great the movie is. And I mean, it's a Dark Horse Liscensed Property Crossover Extravaganza, and we all know how those can go down. I mean, back when I was a Harley Quinn completist, I got four issues of Joker/Mask, so I've been burned before.

However, I hadn't taken into account these two guys you might've heard of called Frank Miller and Walt Simonson.

Frank Miller's Frank Miller, so there's really no need to explain why that's exciting. I mean, yeah, his past efforts with RoboCop haven't all turned out that great, but still. He's Frank Miller.

And as for Walt Simonson, if you don't already know why that guy's so damn cool, it's pointless for me to try and explain.

Essentially what happens is this: The freedom fighters of the future find out that it was human mind merged with technology that allowed SkyNet to gain sentience (Gasp! That sounds like RoboCop!) so they send someone back to the past to take ol' steel-britches out before he can lead to the destruction of the future.

This, by the way, is the first of like nineteen trips through time in four issues, because when you hear "versus the Terminator," you want to see some people going through time.

So the Terminators come back through time to stop her from killing RoboCop, then RoboCop kills the Terminators, then RoboCop kills himself, then the Terminators save RoboCop, then RoboCop hides Alex Murphy's soul inside SkyNet and waits for a chance to take over a Terminator factory in the future and then builds an entire frigg'n army of RoboCops and kills a LOT of Terminators.

It is literally everything you could possibly want out of a fight between RoboCop and the Terminator. And it even has a last-page shocker.

It might be the best two dollars I ever spent.


Blogger Phil Looney said...

You have GOT to let me read that. I've been searching for those issues for a while now.

6/11/2005 7:58 AM


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