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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Re: Batman, Among Other Things

I quite liked it, actually. Not to spoil anything for you cats, but yeah. Highly enjoyable. Of course, there's a few scenes, and some of the one-liners were rough(and even the ones I didn't ilke weren't all that bad), but that's movie Batman for you.

You know, I saw all four of the previous Batman movies in the theater, each one with my dad. And while I was far more easily entertained when I was, you know, twelve, I'll always feel bad for dragging him to see Batman and Robin.

And speaking of, my first girlfriend owned the soundtrack to that movie. I remember going through her CDs when we first started going out and thinking: "Cripes, there's a warning sign."

But regardless, Batman Begins gets big ups coming out of the theater.

Now onto other news: As the store's team for HeroesCon '05 grows like the roster of the Avengers, I've been kicked back to Reserve status.

That's right, I'll no longer be attending in a working capacity. However, Phil's setting up (alongside my main man Chad "Radical C" Bowers), so you can buy The New Adventures of Jack Kirby and Gone To Texas there if, by some miraculous chance, you read my blog but don't live in the immediate area.

I'm still planning on going up and spending the day there all day Friday, and hopefully I can get someone to buy my book. And speaking of buying my book...

Click to Adverti-Size it! Posted by Hello

Ah, the sweet smell of commerce.

Give me your money, you cretins!


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