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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A Conversation With Scott

"Oh, hey, Scott, speaking of hot girls on TV, did I tell you about the realization I came to last week?"

"Was it a realization you came to while you were watching a hot girl on TV?"


"No, you didn't."

"Okay. I realized that I would pretty much have sex with any girl on a phone commercial. That is, I'd have sex with any girl who was on a phone commercial, not I'd have sex on a phone commercial with any girl."

"I think I'd probably have sex on a phone commercial. It'd be a pretty disturbing commercial though. 'I've been thinking about switching service provider--Holy shit. Is that Scott? Well that takes Cingular off the list...'"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In a way, it might make cigular more attractive...I mean if it can get Scott laid...

11/16/2005 10:46 AM


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