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Monday, December 18, 2006

Times Are Hard at the North Pole

Ladies and gentlemen, in honor of Kalinara's one-year anniversary as a comics blogger, I present the single most awesome splash page and title of the Golden Age Sandman's career (which you can click for a larger image):

Not only is that the most exciting indictment of a holiday figurehead in the history of comics, but I'm pretty sure that the opening caption has enough words to qualify as a daring three-part novel in its own right.


Blogger GiantKillerMantis said...

That is beautiful. You've made my morning.

12/19/2006 8:58 AM

Blogger SallyP said...

I'm sure that Kalinara will love it. It is fun...although I do think that purple and gold is a bit much on a grown man. Speaking of which, did all the grown ups grabbing presents from Santa trample the kids? Not a child in sight!

12/19/2006 9:49 AM

Blogger gorjus said...

That logo is bomb!! And I love that--no matter how insane the situation! No matter how implausible the threat!--the Sandman SUSPECTS! He's like a TSA official!

12/19/2006 11:01 AM

Blogger nightfly said...

Sally - they are putting their valuables into the sack, not the other way around. It's like the anti-Kinks - Father Christmas will shoot YOU if you don't cough up the bread.

I like how Sandy, the Golden Boy, has missed his kick to the head as he swoops past Santa. So close to ISB immortality, but Sandy pulled a Vanderjagt and honked it. I think Chris would have had a seizure if there was a Santa-related kick to the head on the splash page.

BTW - verification word "dorom". In fact, I dub Sandy the Golden Boy a Dorom for missing his kick to the head.

12/19/2006 11:39 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wait, does this mean there's yet ANOTHER character called the Sandman? I know the guy with the gas mask, the 70s Kirby/Simon version, and the Neil Gaiman version. And the Marvel villain, natch. So who's this?

12/19/2006 12:59 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prankster--it's the guy in the gasmask with a different costume.

12/19/2006 1:24 PM

Blogger Georgina said...

The reason people are always depressed around Christmas is because they know when it's over, you'll stop posting these awesome holiday issues.

12/19/2006 9:20 PM

Blogger Chris Sims said...

Don't worry. I keep the spirit of awesome in my heart year round.

Or, to put it another way, Yes, Georgina. There is a head-kick.

12/19/2006 9:35 PM


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