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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Holy Shit! DALEKS!

(Click for enhanced awesomeness)


Art by the inimitable Dave Gibbons, from 1985's Doctor Who #4.


Blogger LaRue said...

Hey, first comment!

Hard to go wrong with some Daleks. They became my favorite Doctor Who villian after seeing "Doomsday".

Holy Shit, indeed.

1/17/2007 12:01 AM

Blogger Mark W. Hale said...

From our beloved and trusted Wikipedia:

Daleks were recently featured in an unauthorized pornographic feature, Abducted by the Daloids (although the disc itself uses "Daleks"). In the film, the "Daloids" (portrayed by several Dalek models) abduct three scantily-clad models and watch lesbian scenes. The BBC took action to prevent sale of the DVD when learning of it in November 2005. Another pornographic parody, entitled Dr. Loo and the Filthy Phaleks was released earlier in 2005.

1/17/2007 12:25 AM

Blogger shakasulu said...

Rom, Luke Cage and Daleks. All in the span of a week. I just can't love your blog anymore if I tried. Seriously, I want to buy you a present at this point.

Oh and as a life long Doctor Who fan and a single male that's seen...mmm ...a wee bit of porn in his day. Abducted By The Daleks was so bad I wanted my money back and I bit torrented it.

Tragic, it was.

1/17/2007 12:35 AM

Blogger Nathan P. Mahney said...

Ahhh, good to see some Dalek love.

I demand ROM vs. Daleks - immediately!

1/17/2007 1:12 AM

Blogger Meagen said...

Once I was a human
On Earth I'd laugh and play
Then the Emp'ror Dalek came
Stole my DNA

Now I am an evil thing
Killing is my fate
I glide around the universe

1/17/2007 1:51 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man, even in comics form Doctor Who sucks...

1/17/2007 1:52 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even as a kid I always thought Dr Who smoked balls, maybe it's because I remember seeing the spin-off comic ABSLOM DAAK: DALEK KILLER which kicked all sorts spectacular ass and wondering "why doesnt Dr Who have a chainsaw sword rather than piss poor ballpoint pen looking gadgets".

Abslom Daak, fans of the ISB should Google up on this awesome s.o.b. right now, you wont be dissapointed. Steve Dillon artwork and I'm pretty sure he was the first guy ever to have a chainsaw sword, way before Warhammer, recognize.


1/17/2007 2:45 AM

Blogger LurkerWithout said...

Bah, these are Tom Baker era Daleks. I can defeat them with that miraculous invention known as stairs...

1/17/2007 3:10 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

is the inside of a Dalek... holding... tank... thing really really big, like the inside of the Tardis?

Alo, if I was to just run up to one and push it over, could it get back up.

1/17/2007 3:19 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You like daleks too? Can I carry your books for you?

1/17/2007 3:20 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sims: ROM, Cage, Daleks and Ghostrider

Campbell: Soap Operas and James Bond

Winner: Sims

1/17/2007 4:27 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's an issue of "Power Man and Iron Fist," #79, which features a psuedo-Doctor (Professor Gamble)fighting psuedo-Daleks (Incinerators/Dreadlox)! ROM doesn't show up but two out of three ain't bad!

Here is a link to a profile of Gamble, which has a link to info on the Incinerators as well.

1/17/2007 7:37 AM

Blogger Siskoid said...

Well, now you're just catering to my specific tastes. What is WRONG with you?

That said, you can also defeat Tom Baker-era Daleks with a well-positioned hat. Nothing sadder than a Dalek screaming "I cannot see! My vision is impaired! I cannot see!"

But comics Daleks have a little more punch to them. They hovered (or at least had personal saucers) way before Remembrance of the Daleks and the new pimped up versions.

1/17/2007 8:21 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

No love for Abslom Daak?? He has a chainsaw sword, and a ponytail, back when they were cool....briefly.

Word Verification: Googlitbichz

1/17/2007 8:24 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ooh, Dr. Who comics! Is there a chance we'll be seeing anything about Death's Head? You know, the rad Death's Head from Transformers and Dr. Who, not the slightly less rad and more XtrEeM Death's Head II from Every Early 90s Marvel Comic.

I dunno. I just like Death's Head, is all.

1/17/2007 9:08 AM

Blogger David Campbell said...

Sims - stop posting about cool stuff. This is your final warning.

1/17/2007 9:15 AM

Blogger Jeff Rients said...

No love for Abslom Daak?? He has a chainsaw sword, and a ponytail, back when they were cool....briefly.

I'm with you, Fiendenstein. Abslom Daak is awesome!

1/17/2007 9:36 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

*high-fives Sad Captain Party*

Death's Head = Awesome, the gem in the wonky crown of Marvel UK (and yeah the re-vamp wasn't as cool), he also needs ISB love!

And thats three posts for me, which is about 2 too many

1/17/2007 9:37 AM

Blogger Bill Reed said...

True fact: Daleks are the pissed off descendants of R2D2.

And they're also awesome.

I'm not a big fan of the old Who series, but I'd love to read some of the comics.

1/17/2007 10:23 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anybody else think that the Daleks should be updated, a la Sentinels in Morrison's New X-Men?

...not the voices, trough. The Daleks' voices scared the shit out of me as a kid.

1/17/2007 10:30 AM

Blogger Steven Hardina said...

The ISB: Year 3 is what love feels like.

1/17/2007 2:23 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This blog was amazing BEFORE Chris revealed his love of Daleks. Now I think he may have redefined my entire concept of amazement!

1/17/2007 2:40 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

captain supercool,
The new BBC series did a bit of pimping out of the Daleks for their recent appearances. I thought the first, "Dalek", was a bit too emo for my tastes, the two part season ender was pretty neat. They can float now, so it's all good in the hood. But I really don't think the basic design needs to be messed with too much. Efficient (supposed to be, damn stairs) and deadly. No bling neccessary.

And as a young "Doctor Who" fan with only intermintent access to the show via a fuzzy PBS station, I loved those comics. Even had interviews and features about the show. I did not, however, dig on Aabslom Daak one little bit. Anyone can be a bad-ass with a chainsaw sword and a ponytail. Google-eyed gadabouts with atrocious fashion sense whipping cosmic ass via collosal amounts of bullshit? Now you're singing my song, son.

1/17/2007 6:17 PM

Blogger Jeff said...

I too demand a Death's Head retrospective, yes?

Who else has fought the Transformers, Doctor Who, and the Fantastic Four?

1/17/2007 7:08 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

captain supercool,

Blasphemy! Daleks are the pinnacle of design and functionality. It's what the iPhone wish it could be. That's like saying that Iron Fist need a makeover.

1/17/2007 8:41 PM

Blogger Martin Wisse said...

Dalek porn?


1/18/2007 7:43 AM

Anonymous Generic Valtrex said...

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10/06/2010 1:23 PM

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