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Monday, March 21, 2005

Known Issues

Just wrote a post a few minutes ago, but it has mysteriously disappeared.

The gist of it was this:

  • Moved to the new address. Set up an auto-redirect on the previous page, which involved an hour-long phone conversation with Scott. Phrases such as "coding," "JavaScript" and "Absolute Watchmen" were used liberally.

  • I'm very, very lame. Case in point: Today I finally got around to busting open some toys I had laying around, including the Buffy Palz Angel figure. The first thing I did after I swapped out his outfit was make him fight the Blade minimate. If only they were to scale with each other, Jenny Calendar's death could've been prevented.

  • The New Adventures of Jack Kirby #1 is getting printed up tomorrow! If you want an 8-page mini-comic that casts the King of Comics as a two-fisted World War II hero and you're not in the area, get in touch with Phil and we'll get you one for only two bucks, postage paid! And if you ARE in the area, come on down to the shop on Wednesday and buy one yourself. If you're lucky, we might even sign it.

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