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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Check It Out

I got a new hat.

Man, that pose is sweet. Posted by Hello


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What'd I tell you about "Not Work Safe" images?

But I gotta say, that is one *sweet* crown...


5/12/2005 9:12 AM

Blogger Mon-El said...

I'm jealous you bastard.

And I especially enjoy the glowing Sith eyes.


5/12/2005 11:09 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I must now go to BK, just to get the crown. That's right, I'm bitting your style sucka!

5/12/2005 11:29 AM

Blogger Chris Sims said...

Glowing sith eyes my ass, all I did to that pic was crop and resize!

5/12/2005 11:03 PM

Blogger Mark W. Hale said...

You are truly a Burger King among men.

5/13/2005 4:47 PM


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