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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Great Moments in Comic Book History, Volume Two

Suddenly, a nerve-shattering crash tears into the deadly silence, and through the very wall of the room itself! Making his entrance as only the SHIELD ramrod can...

The indestructible Nick Fury appears like a Human Cyclone!

(Click for a face-rocking larger version)

That, for those of you whose minds have been blown, is Nick Fury crashing through a wall, shirtless, on a rocket powered motorcycle while firing a laser gun in each hand. And he's still smoking his cigar.

FACT: That is the manliest thing you have ever seen.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is Scorpio wearing around his waist? Some sort of high-tech chastity belt?

Man, Nick's got weird relatives.

2/21/2007 12:29 AM

Blogger LurkerWithout said...

Its sad when brothers have this kind of falling out. I mean, sure they'll both claim its about the Zodiac Key, but we all know it has to do with a certain toy elephant getting tossed out a car window when someone was five...

2/21/2007 1:56 AM

Blogger Jeff said...

Why is Nick firing straight up? Is the ceiling in cahoots with Scorpio?

I'm going to request that by coworkers begin saying I've been given tasks because I do it as only the ramrod can.

On second thought, that might be harassment.

2/21/2007 3:56 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where are his nipples, do you have to get them removed if you want to join SHIELD?

2/21/2007 3:56 AM

Blogger lostinube said...

Nah, Nick is so manly he doesn't need nipples.
Actually, I don't know what I mean by that.

2/21/2007 4:45 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd like to read that story. Where is that panel from?

2/21/2007 6:31 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My mind: blowing.

That Nick Fury, you just can't keep a good jingoist down. Hopefully in the wake of "Civil War," Marvel will bring back Ol' One Eye and let him kick ass while crashing his motorcycle through walls while smoking. Err, well, I guess except for the last part.

2/21/2007 7:48 AM

Blogger Dwayne "the canoe guy" said...

Fury isn't riding that bike, he crashed through the wall himself so fast that the suction pulled along a motorcycle that was in the parking lot.

2/21/2007 8:06 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"FACT: That is the manliest thing you have ever seen."

Wrong. I've seen Beau Smith kill a bear with a rolled up issue of Hustler, then skin it with his teeth.

2/21/2007 9:25 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, Nick Fury is so manly that he was born without the feminine X chromosome (he is the ultra-rare example of someone having a YY chromosome) Without the X chromosome, he wouldn't have nipples.

Also, I love the fact that Nick Fury is so overwhlemed with his own ballsiness that he had to fire one laser pistol into the air Yosemite Sam styles.

- Chud

2/21/2007 10:50 AM

Blogger jonni said...

I like the fact that there's one guy in the background at a workstation throwing his hands up in desperation like he's all like "I can't work in these conditions!"

Mind you I've lost count of the number of times I've had to stop work becuase a WWII veteran's crashed throught the wall on a jet powered motorcycle...

2/21/2007 11:08 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I smoke cigars! Where can I get some laser pistols and a jetbike? BTW, there is a guy up above that Nick is shooting. Amazing that a guy with one eye can hit two targets in wildly divergent locations simultaneously!

2/21/2007 11:46 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Chris for yet another great moment in comic book history. Nick Fury (my favorite Marvel hero) is truly one of the greats. Ranks right up there with the LSH as favorite reads. I really miss that Nick Fury. Marvel? Where did he go?

2/21/2007 12:25 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Also, I love the fact that Nick Fury is so overwhlemed with his own ballsiness that he had to fire one laser pistol into the air Yosemite Sam styles."

He is, after all, the rootinest-tootinest security director West of the Pecos.

2/21/2007 2:09 PM

Blogger Brandon Bragg said...

Thanks for the new desktop wallpaper.

2/21/2007 4:48 PM

Blogger Captain Infinity said...

Somewhere Tony Stark is in a dark room crying into a bottle of whiskey at the sight of this.

2/21/2007 6:29 PM

Blogger Steven Hardina said...

So, about a month ago I was reading through Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD, and when coming to this part I thought, "Has Chris posted about this scene yet? If he hasn't, he totally will." This image had no business not being featured on the ISB :)

Hell, this image has no business not being religious iconography.

2/22/2007 12:17 AM

Blogger Carla said...

I'm going to second the desktop wallpaper because HOT DAMN!
Oh the days when men were men, women were unconscious on the floor and villains were out to ... uhm, whatever Scorpio's main beef was, I'm sure it was worth a good bust through a wall on a rocket bike.

2/22/2007 12:57 AM

Blogger Michael Strauss said...

Sigh. So much awesome in such a tiny package.

I saw Steranko at a con a couple years ago and I didn't run over and thank him with a bear hug, but I wanted to. I wanted to.

Jacob Fury is the reason why I beam with pride on the inside whenever I answer the "What's your sign?" question with "Scorpio, baby."

Scorpio, baby.

2/22/2007 1:38 AM

Blogger Jeff said...

Two more things to note - Nick's reflection in the oh-so shiny bike, and the fact that despite its clever paint scheme that makes the walls appear to be futuristic steel, Nick's entrance proves it's no more than a wooden frame. No wonder super-villains and governments alike in the Marvel Universe can afford places likes thses - it's all a matter of who you hire to do the faux finishes.

2/22/2007 5:25 AM

Blogger Kitsune Sniper said...

Who drew this? Steranko?

3/12/2007 2:10 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd just like to state that Nick Fury is my personal hero and that panel is from one of the best issues ever.

I <3 Steranko

3/27/2007 10:48 AM

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