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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Chris vs. The Cold: Round 3

All right, I'm man enough to admit when I'm beaten, and I'll be honest with you: This cold has well and truly kicked my ass. I really think that this virus was rocketed to earth from a dying planet to thrive beneath Earth's yellow sun.

As a result of my cold's Gamma-Ray powered invulnerability, I've stayed home from work a couple days this week. I've been having trouble sleeping, too, so for the most part I've just been laying in bed slack-jawed watching TV. And that--aside from actually being sick--might be the worst part of being sick.

TV during the day is rough. Oddly enough, the early mornings aren't bad at all. FX shows two episodes of Buffy and then follows it up with Boston Legal's forerunner, "The Practice." On the two days that I've called in sick, I managed to catch a cannibal, an accused rapist with an evil twin, the main character shooting said cannibal three times in the chest, and no less than six pounds of Aircraft Aluminum in Camryn Manheim's right ear. Also, I got to see a cameo appearance by TV's John Larroquette, playing sinister mastermind Joey Heric. "The Practice" rules.

Anyway, after "The Practice," The Daily Show comes on, but that's pretty much the end of TV for about, oh, eight hours.

Hey, been worrying that you don't have enough Kelly Clarkson or Green Day in your life? Get a cold. I saw 'em back-to-back twice flipping past MTV, and you will too. It's guaranteed in the fine print. Read it sometime.


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