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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Mysterious Ways

You know, it's oddly fitting that Melanie breaks up with me on the same day that I finish the Box o' Punishment.

And since I just equated three years of a relationship with 287 Marvel comics, you can probably see why she chucked me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's some harsh bud, man. I feel for ya.
But you still better show up on time to work tomorrow. Just for incentive, I'll give you a free copy of DC Countdown! Do you feel better already? I know I do.

3/30/2005 1:06 AM

Blogger Mon-El said...

Her loss, my friend. If she doesn't want such a ruggedly handsome, Antartica intelligence, sweet as peanut butter eggs, fun as a bottle of Jeannies kind of guy, she can rot!

Here's an idea...send her a box of Superman/Batman...that'll make ya feel better.


3/30/2005 1:27 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

women... sorry, man. if you were considering a rebound, how about that chick who was all over you at the art bar that night. think her name was sarah... just a thought ;-)


3/30/2005 1:46 AM

Blogger Phil Looney said...

Sorry to hear that man. Stay strong bro.

3/30/2005 8:27 AM

Blogger autryman said...

From where I stand, freedom is much sexier than any woman. Run like hell...and don't look back.

Yuh lucky bastard.

3/30/2005 8:31 AM

Blogger Chris Sims said...

Thanks for the support, guys. It's cool, though, really.

And I got my free DC Countdown. In your FACE, Heartbreak!

3/30/2005 11:45 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

But didn't that just make it worse? Insult to injory...salt in wounds, all that?

4/08/2005 12:48 PM


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